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What is a dye lot you ask? A dye lot is yarn that is dyed at the same time in a kettle, speckled together or some other way of dyeing - but it's the group of skeins that are dyed at the same time together. When you go to a yarn store, typically, the yarn will have a dye lot code on it so you can be guaranteed that the different skeins that you buy will be the exact same color. When you knit your project you knit one skein, the next and the next and all is good.

BUT with Indie Dyed yarn it's a little bit of a different story. Even though some skeins may be dyed together in the same kettle, the colors may vary a bit. This isn't due to the dyer not knowing what they're doing - basically, it's how the dye falls in the kettle or speckles land on the yarn. The very best Indie Dyers (and some of the big companies, ahem, Malabrigo) will have variations in each skein, even if they're dyed together. 

So, how do we adapt to these fantastic variations you ask? If you have a single skein project that you're working on - you're golden. You don't have to change a thing. If you have a larger project that has multiple skeins of yarn in one color, you'll want to start knitting with one skein and bring in the second skein and alternate rows. I typically will start with Skein One, alternate with Skein Two for a while, and then cut Skein One and add Skein Three for a while. I vary which two skeins I'm working with throughout the project, and that way you would have no idea there was a huge difference between skeins. 

I actually LOVE when there are variances in color between skeins because it adds a level of depth and visual texture that you can't get from regular big store yarn. I strongly suggest embracing these fabulous nuances of Indie Dyed yarn, and instead of possibly getting frustrated, vary rows with a few different skeins. I guarantee you'll LOVE the outcome. 

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