Sock Blanks - What the heck are they?

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Let’s chat about Sock Blanks for a quick minute. Some people love them, some don’t. And that’s totally cool! I’m on the love them side of the fence. But first ... what are they?

Sock Blanks are already knit pieces of fabric that looks like a plain, white scarf and then I dye them up for you. The ones I dye are roughly 10” wide and somewhere around 42” long. They come in single knit and double knit - meaning the blank is knit with one strand of yarn or two. 

Single Knit - This is what I dye most often. I love the single knit ones because that means my socks are going to be different. I usually start at one end, knit up a sock and then start at the other end and knit up my second sock. I’ve never been one to have matching socks and I LOVE the surprise of what knits up - so these speak to me. 

Double Knit - These are knit with two strands of yarn together - so you can knit two socks at the same time and they’ll match when you’re done. It isn’t advised to unravel these before you knit - you’ll be likely to be sitting there with a huge knot and swearing like a sailor. 

Sock Blanks are made to knit straight from the blank. Ball of yarn out the window. Forget it. You get to knit something from something already knit. It boggles the mind when people see you knitting straight from a Sock Blank.

My favorite part about Sock Blanks are that you never really know how your socks (or whatever your’re knitting) will come out. I LOVE knitting surprises and this fills that suspense for me. I’m not someone who looks at a skein of yarn, the length of color and can look at a pattern and know what it’s going to look like when I’m done. That’s just too much for me. It’s enough that I have to count stitches - I have zero interest in mathing out colors and rows etc.... And that’s just my style and what I like. I’m always amazed when people can tell me how something will knit up by just looking at a skein of yarn. 

Anyways, Sock Blanks are basically a ball of yarn in a flat, already knit item that you get to slowly unravel as you knit your pattern. The yarn comes off the blank all wiggly and there are little white areas that the dye didn’t get to ... It’s just fun! I’m currently knitting up a pair (or two) of Rose City Rollers using Moody Bluey. They look like a favorite marled sweater that I had growing up. If you haven’t ventured into the land of Sock Blanks I hope this helps you decide to give them a try. I really find them fun to knit from. Follow me on Instagram and I’ll post progress photos of my socks. 

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