What do I do with a Mini Skein Set?

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I get asked this question ALL the time. People seem befuddled with Mini Skein Sets. What do you do with them? What can I make? I'm here to answer your question. My Mini Skein Sets are five mini skeins - each one being 92 yards - for a total of 460 yards of yarny goodness. 

Mini Skein Set in Peacock

The answer to the question? You can do ANYTHING with them that you want. It's just yarn. You can knit, crochet, weave ... whatever your hearts desire. "But what can I knit with them?" Okay okay ... you're looking for specific projects. I get that. Here's what items are on my list to knit with them. 

(Breathing Space photo by Veera Välimäki on Ravelry)

Breathing Space - This sweater would be awesome with some minis! Pick a main color for the shoulders and then use a Mini Skein Set for the colorful stripes. Personally, I would pick a medium gray and my Peacock Mini Skein Set. I think this would look stunning. 

(Inara Wrap photo by Ambah O'Brien on Ravelry)

The Inara Wrap is SO on my list of things to knit up. I can't wait to do this one. (Ps. I'll have kits SOON!) This just looks like such a fun and beautiful knit. Do a couple of different Mini Skein Sets in different fades - Oh yes please! 

Kelpie(Kelpie photo by Brooklyn Tweek/Jared Flood)

The Kelpie is a lovely shawl that would look fantastic with maybe a navy blue main color and possibly a turquoise gradient Mini Skein Set? Hmmm... I like that idea! So many possibilities with this one. 

You could knit up a hat, mittens, baby sweater ... Let your imagine run crazy! You can alter any sort of pattern to play with color. Just treat your Mini Skein Set like you would a regular ball of yarn - only you have smaller balls of yarn and you get to put them in any order your heart desires. 

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